Daily violence in Vienna – woman warns police: man threatened to kill her


Another woman has been threatened by her partner: the Viennese police report cases of domestic violence almost daily. This time a woman in Hernals was hit.

Around 10 a.m. on Sunday, a woman turned to officers from the police command of the city of Ottakring, who were just carrying out an official traffic act. The woman told police that her husband threatened her with a knife. He also allegedly claimed he wanted to kill her.

Attempt to access the service weapon
The emergency services immediately went to the suspect in the apartment. According to the police, the 58-year-old man was found there drunk. While the facts were being clarified, the man suddenly tried to access an officer’s service weapon and made a dangerous threat. The man also tried to resist his arrest.

Husband had more than 2 per thousand in the blood
The 58-year-old was eventually subjected to an alcohol test in the detention area. The man turned out to be over 2 promille. After questioning, the man was released and set free. An entry and approach ban and a provisional arms ban have been issued against the man.

The Viennese police is the point of contact for people who observe violence or who are themselves victims of violence. The police emergency number can be reached at any time on 133. The crime prevention department of the Viennese Criminal Investigation Department also offers personal advice via the hotline 0800 216346.

Source: Krone


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