Trial in Feldkirch – 15-year-old student threatens teacher with beatings


A 15-year-old student threatened his teacher with beatings for imitating him and trying to kick him out. At the regional court in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg) there was a fine for the fruit. Only because he was sorry.

The little boy is annoyed that the 15-year-old Turk has been suspended from school after the incident. But this time, the troublemaker just overdid it. Now the student, who has come into contact with the law before, does not even have a diploma. That’s his first criminal record.

On the case: It’s two hours before class ends on that day in April. This means full concentration for students and teachers again before they go home. Not so with the defendant, who doesn’t give a damn and disrupts classes whenever possible. “It started with him making a kind of flyer out of work paper and laying it around in the classroom,” the teacher, who was called as a witness, describes the situation during yesterday’s trial.

The situation escalates
Reminders were unsuccessful. When the 51-year-old catches the troublemaker on his mobile phone, he sends him out. But the boy ignores the reprimand and continues to disrupt the class. The situation escalates when the abused teacher imitates the student: “I’m Turkish. Nobody has to tell me anything. I do what I want!”

Suspect apologises
To which the 15-year-old threatens him: “I’ll break your nose, punch you, and punch you in the face!” Consequence: The boy is expelled from school. In doing so, the fruit personally apologizes to the victim. But the Turk will have to graduate somewhere else anyway. Until then, he has to do a few community hours because of other “stories”. Because of dangerous threats, he was sentenced this time to a partial fine of 360 euros.

Source: Krone


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