The surface of the world’s oceans is warmer than ever


The surface of the oceans was warmer than ever before in May last month. The measurements apply to all seas that are ice-free.

“Temperatures on the surface of the oceans are already reaching record levels,” said Samantha Burgess of the Copernicus Earth Observation Program on Wednesday. According to the monthly climate report, May was the second warmest month in the world in terms of air temperature. The distance to the warmest May so far is only 0.1 degrees.

Temperatures not normal in many places
While temperatures in Europe were about average, parts of Canada, Africa and Southeast Asia were reportedly warmer than normal. It was cooler than the previous average in Australia, among others.

Evidence of El Niño
In the equatorial Pacific, there is already evidence of the El Niño weather phenomenon, which can lead to increased temperatures and drought in certain areas and massive precipitation in others. El Niño was last seen in 2018/19. The World Meteorological Organization estimates the probability of the occurrence of the weather phenomenon promoted by climate change at 60 percent at the end of July this year and at 80 percent at the end of September.

Source: Krone


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