Hotel flooded – take a deep breath then expect heavy rain again


After the heavy thunderstorms in large parts of Austria on Thursday, emergency services were needed until the evening hours. In Amstetten, Lower Austria, for example, parts of a city center hotel were flooded. While the west of the country shines with summer temperatures and sunshine, it remains precarious in the east: heavy local rain is expected again on Friday.

On Thursday evening, a violent thunderstorm cell exploded above Amstetten – with consequences: the first and second basement of a hotel in the city center were flooded around 7 p.m. Three fire brigades with a total of 50 helpers fought against the water masses for three hours with submersible pumps and water vacuum cleaners. Despite the efforts, the hotel was able to survive.

At the same time, the emergency services also had to move to pump out the work in the Gänserndorf and Bruck an der Leitha districts. Already in the course of Thursday there were numerous firefighters due to flooded basements and streets. 200 missions were registered in Burgenland alone.

“Close windows and doors!”
And there could also be flooding again in the course of Friday: weather experts in the east and south-east of the country expect locally heavy showers again, which can also occur again and again on Saturday. Small debris flows and locally flooded streets and basements are feared. “Close windows, doors, garage doors and skylights and skylights,” were the experts at GeoSphere Austria on their website.

On Sunday the weather will gradually calm down. The sun is coming through more and more often, it remains largely dry.

Source: Krone


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