The planned strike in the hotel industry in Navarre for Sanfermines called off after reaching a preliminary agreement


The preliminary agreement looks at, among other things, a salary increase of more than 120 euros per month and a digital signing system to end unpaid overtime.

Trade unions UGT and CCOO signed the agreement with the employer on Thursday pre-agreement cao catering who is considering an immediate salary increase of more than 120 euros per month. It is also being considered for a digital clock system to end unpaid overtime, among other things.

In concrete terms, UGT has indicated through a statement that the preliminary agreement for the year 2022 establishes a 4% increase in wages; 4% by 2023; of 3% for 2024 and 3% for the year 2025. If the sum of the real CPI for these four years exceeds this total increase of 14%, it will be revised until a 17% increase can be achieved.

In addition, employees in the sector receive a payment of more than 1000 euros in compensation of arrears It also creates a new bonus of 30 euros monthly for receptionists accrediting B2 qualification in two languagesas well as a plus of course of 20 euros per month that employees receive from companies that do not have a training plan.

On the other hand, the preliminary agreement considers the category recognition depending on seniority in the industry, even if you change companies.

From the Federation of Services, Mobility and Consumption of the UGT of Navarra, which has a representation of 40.41% in the sector, they emphasize that it is a “great agreement” that will improve the salary and working conditions of more than 20,000 workers in the Foral Community, which has been with the expired agreement since December 2021.

This brings an end to the labor dispute and the planned strike of 1 and 7 July, full sanfermines, is called off

Source: EITB


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