Parts found – US Coast Guard: Submarine passengers probably dead


The five occupants of the missing Titan submarine are presumed dead, the US Coast Guard said at a news conference Thursday evening. Parts of the submarine had been found that indicated a catastrophe. Condolences were extended to the families of the missing.

When exactly the accident happened cannot be said at this time. The cause is also unclear. A remote-controlled underwater vehicle had previously discovered parts of the missing submarine. This proves there is no chance of survival for the five missing, US Coast Guard spokesman John Mauger said Thursday evening. The beating sounds heard were likely background noises from the ocean.

As reported, the submarine has been missing since Sunday morning (local time). The “Titan” was on its way with five people on board to the wreck of the “Titanic” that sank in 1912 at a depth of approximately 3800 meters. Contact with the mothership was lost approximately one hour and 45 minutes into the dive.

Large-scale search
In the area of ​​operations, about 700 kilometers south of the Canadian island of Newfoundland, troops from the US and Canada had launched a large-scale search, both on the surface and in the depths of the ocean. Ships, airplanes, remote-controlled underwater vehicles, underwater robots and other devices were involved.

According to Mauger, the focus is currently on documenting the course of the accident and stricter safety measures will soon be discussed.

Source: Krone


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