Was lightning fast – Maritime expert: death in submarine was ‘painless’


The five adventurers who left for a reconnaissance mission to the wreck “Titanic” in the submarine “Titan” died in the vehicle – according to a former naval officer, the crew should not have noticed that they were doomed. It was a “painless” death, Aileen Marty was convinced of the American television channel CNN.

On Thursday evening, the US Coast Guard announced that there was no hope for the passengers of the “Titan”. Debris from the missing submarine was discovered just a few hundred yards from the Titanic, which sank in 1912, including the submarine’s landing gear and tailgate. A remote-controlled diving robot discovered the remains of the vehicle at a depth of 3,800 meters. The “Titan” probably imploded shortly after the dive.

Crew probably didn’t realize there was a problem
The five men probably didn’t have to suffer long: Because the implosion happened in a fraction of a millisecond, expert Marty explained to CNN — she’s a professor of disaster medicine. The drama happened so fast that the human brain couldn’t grasp it. “The whole thing collapsed before the people inside realized there was a problem,” said the ex-naval officer.

A small structural defect is enough for bad luck
In an implosion, an object collapses because the external pressure is greater than the internal pressure. Even a small structural defect can cause such a disaster at great depths. When they died, the Titan crew didn’t even know they were about to die. “Ultimately, given the many ways we can die, this is painless,” says Marty.

Source: Krone


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