Tuesday was the hottest day in recorded history


In recent days, two sad climate world records have been set in a row. According to American researchers, Monday was the warmest day in the world since measurements began. Just 24 hours later, this record was already broken.

The average temperature on Earth has reached 17.01 degrees Celsius. The National Centers for Environmental Forecasting (NCEP) announced Tuesday that it surpassed the previous record set in August 2016 by 16.92 degrees Celsius. The next day, the average temperature rose to 17.18 degrees Celsius (see tweets below).

Researcher: ‘No milestone to celebrate’
“This is not a milestone we should be celebrating,” said study researcher Friederike Otto of Imperial College London’s Grantham Institute, which specializes in climate change and the environment. “It’s a death sentence for people and ecosystems.”

Heat waves in many parts of the world
The southern United States has been hit by an intense heat wave in recent weeks. A heat wave continued in China, with temperatures rising above 35 degrees. North Africa recorded temperatures approaching 50 degrees. The thermometers also rose unusually high in Antarctica: at the Ukrainian polar station Vernadsky, the temperature record for June was recently broken by 8.7 degrees. Scientists have blamed climate change combined with an emerging El Niño phenomenon for the development.

Source: Krone


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