Goals halved – Apple has production problems with new VR glasses


According to a newspaper report, Apple is lowering production targets for the new data glasses due to technical problems. Chinese contract manufacturer Luxhare is expected to assemble fewer than 400,000 units of the “Vision Pro” by 2024, the “Financial Times” wrote in its Monday edition, citing insiders. Originally, Apple internally aimed for a sales target of one million units within the first 12 months after market launch.

The newspaper cited the complexity of the product as the reason for the predicted reduction. This makes mass production difficult. Problems were mainly caused by high error rates with the micro-LEDs for the screens of the data glasses. For that reason, the launch of a cheaper entry-level version will also be postponed.

Apple introduced the highly anticipated “Vision Pro” a few weeks ago. The data glasses are used, among other things, to immerse yourself in virtual worlds. In addition, apps or objects can be projected into the surrounding space.

Control should be done exclusively through eye movements, hands and voice. The device, which starts at $3499 (€3220), will likely be available in the US in early 2024.

Source: Krone


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