Technical failure – Mexico: Landing mastered by pilot without front landing gear


In Mexico, a pilot made an emergency landing without front landing gear. When this could not be extended, he flew to nearby Felipe Angeles Airport and saved the passengers from an accident (see video above).

The private jet “Gulfstream II” was en route from Monterrey to Mexico City when the front landing gear failed to extend during the landing approach. Despite the unforeseen technical failure, the pilot did not hesitate long and diverted the aircraft to nearby Felipe Angeles Airport. This was due to an order from air traffic control. Felipe Angeles Airport is located in Zumpango, about 30 miles from the historic center of Mexico City.

prevent sparks
There, the pilot landed the malfunctioning jet without a nose wheel, preventing dangerous flying sparks. Six passengers and crew were unharmed during the maneuver. Multiple videos of the incident were shared across platforms, calling the pilot “talented” and the landing “amazing”. “The pilot shows all his skills,” it read.

The value of the safely landed machine is around eight million euros.

Source: Krone


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