Italy: Police officer skips school 540 times in four years


An Italian police officer who has not worked for 540 days in four years must pay the state 93,000 euros in compensation. The 57-year-old police officer from the Lombard province of Varese had repeatedly taken sick leave.

A court ruled that he used the days off to participate in swimming competitions and massage courses. The police officer, who had already been sentenced to two years in prison for serious fraud against the state, will now be fined 93,000 euros by the accountants.

The police officer’s case is not the only one to cause a stir in Italy. A few weeks ago, a history and philosophy teacher at a school near Venice was convicted of fraud. Although she had been employed as a teacher for 24 years, she had only taught for four years.

Criticism from students when she was there
She was completely absent for a total of ten years, and in the remaining 14 years, the 56-year-old was repeatedly absent from school due to illness, vacations, and family or personal reasons.

However, during the time she was in class, it rained criticism from her students. They complained that she was unprepared, gave random grades, and showed up without textbooks. This led to the students boycotting their classes.

Source: Krone


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