Barn burnt out – big fire on a farm in Berndorf


On Monday around noon, a fire broke out in a farm in Berndorf (Salzburg): According to information from “Krone”, the extinguishing operation is still ongoing. An oil tanker may have started the blaze, setting a wood chip depot on fire.

Six to seven fire brigades from various surrounding municipalities in Flachgau are currently at work. A farm in the Breitbrunn district of Berndorf is affected by the fire: According to the first “Krone” information, an oil tanker is said to have exploded. This caused a large barn to catch fire. As can be seen in the photos, the building is probably already engulfed in flames.

It is still unclear whether anyone was injured. Firefighters may already be on their way to the crime scene.

Source: Krone


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