Offenders armed – again raid on tobacconist shop in Graz


On Thursday evening, an unknown man armed with a gun attacked a tobacco shop in Graz-Andritz. The perpetrator fled with the clerk’s mobile phone. A major police manhunt has so far been unsuccessful. It is the second robbery this week at a tobacco shop in Graz.

Shock moment for a tobacco shop on St. Veiter Straße in Graz on Thursday evening: When a man wanted to pay for scratch cards, he suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the saleswoman with the words “Give me the money, this is a robbery”. The startled woman tried to call the police with her mobile phone, after which the perpetrator snatched it from her and fled with it. A large-scale search by the police turned up nothing.

According to the police, the man had been to the cigar shop around 5:40 p.m. shortly before the robbery to buy scratch off tickets. However, he then left the company.

perpetrator description
The police have published the following description of the perpetrator: man, light skin, around 30 years old, 175-180 cm, slim build, black curly hair, no beard, speaks German, wears dark clothing (black T-shirt, jacket, jeans, cap), probably Austrian. Armed with a black pistol, which has a silver stripe on the lower part of the barrel. Witness information to the National Criminal Investigation Department in Styria on 059-133-60-3333.

On Wednesday there was already an attempted robbery in the Mariatroster Straße in Graz. Again, the perpetrator was armed with a gun and could not be located. Even if the suspicion arises, the police currently do not assume that it concerns the same perpetrator.

Gas stations and tobacconist: Possibly the same culprit
The detectives do find a connection between the attempted robbery on Mariatroster Strasse on Wednesday and two robberies at gas stations. One happened on August 2 in Preding near Weiz, another on Thursday morning in the Burgenland district of Oberwart. The description of the perpetrator is very similar in these cases.

Source: Krone


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