Broken ankle – Too lazy to walk – Man jumps on freight train


Broken ankle – Too lazy to walk – Man jumps on freight train

A 20-year-old survived a breakneck stunt in Vienna-Floridsdorf around 2:40 p.m. on Thursday with leg injuries: the man jumped into a freight train on his way home from a party because he no longer wanted to walk. At the Brünner-Straße S-Bahn station, he jumped down and landed on the track bed of the railway bridge. Firefighters had to remove him from the bridge with a turntable ladder, the APA’s professional rescue service said. He was taken to a hospital.

The man broke his ankle after jumping from the train. The Lower Austrian gave the emergency services the reason for his daring action that he intended to use the train as a ‘taxi home’.

Rescue warns of ‘life-threatening actions’
The professional rescue operation raised awareness on Thursday that “such actions are life-threatening,” an APA spokesperson stressed. It was no longer possible to find out where the 20-year-old jumped on the cart in the afternoon.

Source: Krone


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