Over an hour – 16-year-old was gang-raped victim


It was hell that a girl apparently had to endure on Wednesday afternoon in a stairwell of the former postal distribution center in Linz. Four young migrants (aged 14 and 15) allegedly attacked the 16-year-old and raped her for over an hour. One of the suspects was still at large on Thursday evening.

The 16-year-old schoolgirl’s previously sheltered life was deeply ripped on Wednesday that will likely never be fully repaired: humiliated, mistreated, mistreated and violated. Four young migrants are said to have brutally attacked the girl and raped for more than an hour in a stairwell in the former postal distribution center in Linz. The girl’s ordeal was finally over when police officers passing nearby heard cries for help.

Crime scene near the police
Many Upper Austrians were shocked that the crime took place in broad daylight in the middle of Linz, not far from the police station at the train station and very close to the Ukrainian refugee registration office. However, this procedure also illustrates the insensitivity of the four alleged perpetrators. Three of them have already been identified: a 14-year-old Iranian from Vöcklabruck, a 15-year-old Afghan from Amstetten and a 15-year-old Afghan from Linz. The origin, name and age of the fourth suspect would initially not be known. The police frantically searched for him.

Suspects are known to the police
It is still unclear how the victim was caught by his tormentors. The 16-year-old likely has massive memory gaps due to severe trauma.

The three identified suspects were apparently already known to the police. They should deny a rape even if the finding situation could speak against them. She also allegedly identified the alleged victim.

Toilets war reten
It was an immigration police officer who responded correctly at 5:20 p.m. on Wednesday when he heard suspicious voices on his way to the toilet at Linz main station. He called for reinforcements. Shortly afterwards, the police heard a scream and opened an emergency exit to a stairwell at the former mail distribution center. There they would have seen four partially naked youths kneeling over a girl lying on the floor. “The find situation was so dramatic that a crime had to be assumed,” said Fritz Stadlmayr, a spokesman for the state police.

Upon seeing the officers, the suspects would have run away in different directions. The result was a large-scale manhunt involving a helicopter, dozens of patrol crews and the standby unit.

Two alleged perpetrators were immediately arrested. A third was caught near the tax office. His pants would have been unbuttoned. When asked why this was, he claimed to have pooped. The trio were taken to the police station, but were not questioned until the alleged victim was interrogated.

The fourth suspect ran toward the Knowledge Tower, with an immigration officer on his tail. The chase went in the direction of the Linz stadium, but the policeman lost sight of the fugitive in the vicinity of the Bergschlösslpark.

The victim, who appeared to be severely traumatized, was taken to hospital for clinical examination. Traces found there reinforced the suspicion of a gang rape.

Source: Krone


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