Energy sites crash amid rush to provide meter readings before price hikes


Users are in a hurry to post a meter offer before Friday’s price jump

Energy sites went bankrupt today as consumers scrambled to provide meter data ahead of Friday’s price jump. The problems, which seemed to be an issue across the industry, came when experts on Thursday called on households to provide gas and electricity meter data to their suppliers to show exactly how much energy they used before the limit. Ofgem price has increased since April 1st.

This will prevent companies from underestimating consumption and possibly charging for energy consumed before April 1 at a higher rate. A message posted on the British Gas website informed users that they were experiencing “some technical issues that we are trying to resolve as quickly as possible”.

The message stated that customers could still post a reading, but was warned that it might take “some time to update your account with the meter reading you provided today”. The EDF Energy website also reported issues, as several people seemed to be trying to send the meter readings to the bill.

The EDF Energy homepage worked, but when customers clicked on the MyAccount page, they were unable to log in. The message posted on the page reads: “We’re sorry… We’re doing some basic artwork on our site. We’ll be working again soon.”

Apparently, E.On had trouble logging into customer accounts, while So Energy users said they were unable to sign in or cross the customer support line. According to Downdetector, E.ON, Scottish Power, British Gas and SSE have all lost.

Households will see the biggest increase in energy costs in their living memory since Friday, when their bills rose 54 percent, or roughly 700 yen, to just 2,000 annually.

“We recommend sending a counter display device to your supplier before the rate hike on April 1st,” said Gillian Cooper, Citizens Advising Director for Energy Policy. “This means your energy company will have an accurate picture of your use before the tariffs go up. Please sit down.

“If you are having trouble paying taxes, talk to your power supplier, because they have to help you. Citizens Advice can also offer free and independent support.”

Source: Belfastlive


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