Heli-Mission – German Mountain Rescue Rescued a Fallen Dog


Heli-Mission – German Mountain Rescue Rescued a Fallen Dog

Together with the crew of the police helicopter “Edelweiß 4”, the troops of the mountain rescue service in Bad Reichenhall and Freilassing went in search of a downed dog on Thursday evening. The animal had fallen about 100 meters through steep terrain near Middle Rotofen in Bavaria.

The Malinois lost her balance in a vulnerable spot and fell. Her owner and another walker immediately descended on the bitch. However, the two women could not move them without outside help. After calling 911, they secured and warmed the injured animal.

The mountain rescue service requested a dog handler from the avalanche and search dog squadron of the Chiemgau mountain rescue service. In addition, due to the advancing time and the dangerous terrain, a helicopter had to be deployed. The crew was dropped off at the Eisenrichter in Hallthurm shortly after 7:30 PM. There the mountain rescuers and the avalanche dog handler went looking for the two women and the dog.

care in the veterinary clinic
Before the emergency services arrived at the women, they had to walk about 30 meters through steep terrain. Fifteen minutes after sunset in the last daylight, the crew of “Edelweiß 4” managed to first retrieve the dog handler and the injured dog, which was stuck in the flying harness, and then winch the mistress and the mountain rescuer inside. to fly. the valley. The injured animal then had to be cared for at the Karlstein Veterinary Clinic.

Other mountain rescuers stood by to rescue the second woman. But she was able to descend under her own power. A total of eight mountain rescuers were on duty until 9 p.m. Due to the clouds and the shady Hallthurmer valley, it was already so pitch dark around 8:40 p.m. that the crew had to return to Munich Airport with image intensifier glasses.

Source: Krone


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