130-acre search area – manhunt for abuse: hunter found dead


130-acre search area – manhunt for abuse: hunter found dead

The clear blue sky does not fit the reason why several police patrols are gathering at the foot of Hochosterwitz Castle in Carinthia on Wednesday. They have been in action since Tuesday evening because a man from the St. Veit district has not turned himself in after a case of abuse in his circle of acquaintances, but has disappeared.

The search for the passionate hunter is coordinated at the tables of an inn that is currently closed – the man is probably armed with a gun. The police forces and the Cobra task force first concentrate on the surroundings of the car, which was found at night in a wooded area – about five kilometers from Hochosterwitz Castle. The hunting area covers an area of ​​130 hectares and is home to the largest herd of wild boars in Carinthia.

Intensive search for hunter
The wallet, passport and empty holster of a gun were found in the car,” confirms an investigator. “A possible indication that the fugitive wants to commit suicide.” The EKO Cobra checks the high seats near the car, assisted by a search dog.

With the police helicopter “Libelle”, the officials, supported by a local forester, sound the stands closer to Hochosterwitz Castle. They then drive off in a patrol car, but the hunter remains missing.

Even with the possibility that the hunter is no longer alive, no one wants to risk innocent pedestrians suddenly encountering the gunman. So a patrol drives out of the area near Hochosterwitz Castle again – again unsuccessfully.

The manhunt isn’t over yet
At around 3:00 pm, the search for the suspect was called off while the responsible officer was taken to the hunter’s car to secure his personal belongings and the vehicle itself. “The search has been suspended for the time being and will resume on Thursday. Police patrols are still underway in the area,” Lisa Sandriesser, press spokeswoman for the Carinthia State Police Directorate, told “Krone”.

And just a few hours later, agents discovered the body of the fighter. The lifeless body was found in the open near the castle.

Another suspicion of abuse was reported after the Bleiburger Wiesenmarkt in Lower Carinthia. After the interrogation, however, this case took a tragic turn that made any further reporting impossible.

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Source: Krone


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