Protesting artist must pay back money


He was actually going to exhibit a work of art with banknotes, but in the end a Danish artist only delivered empty frames. He pocketed more than 70,000 euros. On Monday, Jens Haaning was ordered to reimburse the museum in question.

He is only allowed to keep a certain amount of money and an exhibition bonus for his work. As reported, the “Arts” museum in Aalborg in western Denmark generated a lot of money in 2021. Haaning would recreate an earlier work of art for which he had pasted the annual wages in Denmark and Austria in crowns and euro notes on two canvases.

Here is a media report on the 2021 incident.

Empty frames were visible
But nothing came of the new edition: when museum employees opened the shipping containers, they discovered that the frames were empty. At the same time, Haaning had renamed his work ‘Take the money and disappear’. The museum still put the empty frames on display, but demanded the 58-year-old’s money back.

He was convicted for this in Copenhagen on Monday. In court, the artist invoked the freedom of art and stated that the museum had made much more profit from the media attention than it had invested.

Source: Krone


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