According to the American newspaper: – The “errant” Ukrainian missile led to a massacre


Nearly two weeks ago, a rocket hit the busy Kostiantynivka market in eastern Ukraine, causing a bloodbath that left a total of 16 dead and dozens injured. At the time, Kiev was quick to blame the attack on the Russian military. But now everything could have been different.

The New York Times conducted its own investigation into the case – using eyewitness accounts, video analysis and the found fragments of the projectile – and concluded that it had to be a Ukrainian defense missile.

Just two hours after the blast, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky blamed the Russian military and addressed the international community: “If anyone in the world still tries to negotiate with something Russian, it means turning a blind eye to reality . The audacity of evil. The nerve. Pure inhumanity. This Russian devil must be defeated as soon as possible.”

A lot of ‘evidence’ is provided
In fact, there were several Russian attacks on the city near Bakhmut beforehand, which also killed civilians. But this time it is probably a ‘tragic accident’, the American newspaper’s ‘fact checkers’ write. Eyewitness accounts, video analysis, satellite recordings, social media posts and the impact site investigation indicated a Ukrainian Buk anti-missile fired from Ukraine.

The area on the Eastern Front is considered particularly contentious. The day before the ‘attack’, Russian artillery attacked the city. The Ukrainian side responded with counterattacks. The video of the hit also shows market visitors turning and looking northwest due to the approaching missile (see video above). Immediately afterwards you hear the explosion and a fireball can be seen, chaos breaks out.

The design of the crater at the impact site supports the theory that the bullet came from a northwest direction. Another clue that The New York Times was able to uncover is the fact that Ukrainian forces fired two surface-to-air missiles from the neighboring town of Druzhkivka just before the blast.

Eyewitnesses saw two rockets being fired
Was there a technical defect? Did one of the two missiles go astray? The US reporters also spoke to several residents of Druzhkivka who spoke about two anti-missile missiles being fired. The temporary proximity is right, they say. In addition, one of the residents claimed that a bullet went towards Kostiantynivka.

According to reports, the Ukrainian military is also investigating the case. Initially there were also attempts to keep journalists away from the suspected launch site or detonation site.

The New York Times claims to have refuted Ukrainian authorities’ claim that it was a Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missile using comparative analyzes of fragments and the warhead. The holes in the facades caused by metal fragments from the warhead look more like the holes that could be caused by a Buk missile, as is said.

Source: Krone


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