10,000 euros in damage – Made up emergencies and stole money from an elderly person


According to the indictment, a mother of three (22) children from Croatia allegedly used fabricated emergencies to gain the trust of three elderly seniors and get their money. But in two cases it may have been different.

No, she does not know two of the three victims, the little defendant (22) said on Tuesday in the Salzburg Regional Court. She also does not want, as the public prosecutor accuses, to have deprived the three pensioners of their money – a total of 111,000 euros – with fictitious emergency situations. “Only one woman has given me anything.” She denies the other accusations: “I just wanted to look for work and that’s why I went from house to house.” But not to beg. “I wanted to clean.” The Croat became a mother at the age of 18. She now has three children, but no health insurance. The family supports her, she explains.

Two of the victims see it differently: “This is the woman who scammed me,” says a 70-year-old. And a 94-year-old also believes: “She cheated me out of 15,000 euros.” But the woman can prove with lawyer Bernhard Kettl that she was not here at the time of the crime, but on holiday. So only guilty in a case with 10,000 euros in damages. The non-final sentence: twelve months partially conditional, of which she has already served four.

Source: Krone


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