Pilot makes emergency call: ‘I’m not sure where the plane is’


A few days ago, a ‘missing’ US Navy fighter plane caused a stir. He was desperately wanted by the military after the pilot activated the ejection seat during a botched training flight. Released recordings of the emergency call that came in afterwards now reveal more bizarre details of the events.

A pilot had just landed in his garden with a parachute, a resident of the city of North Charleston in the American state of South Carolina said in the recordings published by the AP news agency. “He just jumped out of a plane and we wanted to see if an ambulance could please come,” said the man, who seemed surprisingly calm about the unusual incident.

“Excuse me, used to be “Happened?” asks the somewhat bewildered emergency operator. The situation is described to her again and an ambulance is requested, also by the pilot himself. During a training flight with an F-35 stealth jet on Sunday, he encountered technical problems and used the ejection seat to get to safety.

“Ma’am, a plane has crashed.”
In the emergency call, the pilot indicates that he is “OK” after falling from a height of approximately 2,000 feet (almost 610 meters). Only his back hurts. ‘Ma’am, a military plane has crashed. I’m the pilot. We have to start the rescue chain,” the man explains. ‘I’m not sure where the plane is. It must have crash-landed somewhere,” the pilot continued.

The 47-year-old is described by the US Marines as an experienced pilot with decades of experience in the cockpit. Parachuting into the garden of North Charleston, his plane flew another 60 miles before crashing into the ground in a rural area. It took over a day for the rubble to be found. On Tuesday, the responsible air base finally thanked everyone who had helped in the search for the missing plane.

The incident is still under investigation
Until then, the incident had caused much ridicule. After all, the F-35 stealth jet, one of the most modern fighter planes in the world, was lost. The incident is currently under investigation.

Source: Krone


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