“Henriette” is dead – father shot chicken: children gave up bow and arrow


A 41-year-old was drunk and targeted rats with a banned pump-action rifle and accidentally killed the “Henriette” family’s guinea fowl. In the Steyr regional court he got away with finger tapping, but also had to say goodbye to an unusual weapon. The children were also briefly disarmed.

“The police even took away my children’s bow and arrow,” the 41-year-old defendant said before the trial began. The police came to his house after he and a friend he had seen again after a long time at the tent festival had drunkenly shot around with an illegal pump pistol and accidentally hit the house’s own guinea fowl “Henriette”. A weapons ban was imposed.

Plastic gun from the 3D printer
“We just wanted to shoot rats,” said the Traunviertler. ‘You do realize that you don’t photograph animals for fun, right? “This is animal cruelty and is punishable by up to two years in prison,” the judge said – the defendant nodded in agreement.

He did not know that the pump pistol was a prohibited weapon. He was also surprised when police confiscated the functional ‘Songbird’ pistol he built with a 3D printer and which could fire small-caliber ammunition. The 41-year-old agreed to the destruction of the weapons and the silencer of the Flobert rifle: “It is not necessary.”

Extenuating reasons predominated
The judge believed the previously blameless and fully confessed defendant that it was a one-off mistake and imposed only the minimum fine: 720 euros, of which 400 euros were unconditional. “I hope I don’t see you here again,” the judge said to the 41-year-old after the trial was over after just fifteen minutes. The defendant promised improvement and accepted the punishment. The public prosecutor had not yet reached a decision, so the verdict is not yet final.

Source: Krone


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