Drama during feeding: lion kills zookeeper in safari park in Japan


A deadly tragedy has occurred in a safari park in Japan: a 53-year-old zookeeper was found unconscious and with a wound on his neck in the lion enclosure of the Tohoku safari park on Thursday. He was probably attacked by one of the animals while being fed.

The safari park is located in the northeast of Japan. The zookeeper probably tried to lure a lion into the cage with food and did not lock the door, said the park’s deputy director, Norichika Kumakubo.

Door apparently not locked after food was served
The door is usually only opened briefly to place the food. The gate is then closed and locked again. But apparently the employee did not do that.

According to media reports, the killed man was highly experienced in dealing with large predators such as lions, tigers and bears. The park said it was taking the incident “very seriously.” Measures will be taken to prevent such accidents in the future. The park will remain closed until the new safety measures are in place.

Source: Krone


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