Emergency call made – couple hanging in rock wall: rescue with 100 meters of rope


Spectacular rescue operation Friday evening in the Tyrolean Wetterstein Mountains: a local climbing couple became stuck on a rock face after the rope got stuck. Shortly before sunset, the duo made an emergency call.

The two locals – a 36-year-old and a woman (34) – went on a climbing trip together on the south side of the Schüsselkarspitze on Friday. After the sixth of a total of nine throws, the duo wanted to abseil again.

Rope stuck on rocks
And then it happened: “When the two climbers pulled the rope free, it became stuck in the rock. “They tried to loosen the rope for about 15 minutes, but they couldn’t,” police said.

Emergency call just before sunset
Due to the late hour of the day and the approaching dusk, the duo called 911 shortly after 6 p.m. The police helicopter crew was eventually able to quickly locate the climbers. “Because of “The operation was very demanding due to the high and steep walls of the southern side of the Schüsselkar,” the researchers said.

Finally, the two locals were caught shortly before dark with a length of 100 meters “Longline-Tau” was rescued unharmed from the cliff face and then flown into the valley.

Source: Krone


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