After death – suffocation: warning about chew toys for children


After the death of a toddler, AGES on behalf of the Department of Health warns against the product “Mushroom Teether Toys for Newborn Babies, Toddlers, Infants, Relieve Sore Gum – BPA-Free Chew Toy”. This is a chew toy designed to help children with teething. There is a risk of suffocation, please do not use!

The warning was issued “in connection with the death of a small child,” a broadcast said. According to information from the APA, the accident took place in Great Britain.

The product is sold online through Amazon, eBay, Joom and Wish, among others, under the following product identification numbers: B09H2RH1QT B09JWL234H B09H2SBX.

AGES called for the existing affected products not to be used under any circumstances on babies and small children, but to throw them away immediately or file a complaint with the point of sale.

Source: Krone


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