Chris Rock gave a teaser in another behind the scenes movie after Will Smith’s slap, reports say –


Comedian and Oscar presenter Chris Rock made another joke when he left the stage after Will Smith beat up Pinkett Smith’s grandmother for his appearance in “GI Jane 2”. Will Smith attended the 94th Academy Awards in Los Angeles this week and hit Chris Rock in the face.

Rock recently got upset with Jada about Will’s wife, saying he can’t wait to see her in GI Jane 2 – a sign that Jada has a shaved head. But the actor recently revealed that he suffers from alopecia, hair loss caused by an autoimmune response, and Will Smith was upset.

Cameras captured the moment Smith left the stage in front of the stage and punched Chris Rock in the face before returning to his seat and insulting the host. Rock, 57, first spoke about the incident during a families show in Boston on Wednesday night.

According to audio recordings from the concert, which were released by Hollywood Variety Mall, Rock told the audience, “How was the weekend? I don’t have any nonsense about what happened, so if I get it, I have the full show I wrote before this weekend.”

“I’m still working on what happened. So at some point I’m going to talk about this nonsense. And it’s going to be serious and fun.”

But Vanity Fair says this wasn’t Rocky’s first comment on the incident – he said he also made a note about another movie when he left the scene. A Vanity Fair insider said, “When Chris Rocky got back on stage with the winners, his cheek was red, but he was trying to play it for a grumpy band and other presenters, joking about one will.” They wrote, “Smith’s other Academy Award-nominated roles.” He said out loud: This is the only case in which Muhammad Ali was shot and did not leave any scratches.

Will Smith starred as Muhammad Ali in the 2001 movie Ali.

Smith formally apologized to Rock on Instagram, admitting he reacted “emotionally” to the joke, but said “violence in all its forms is toxic and destructive.” In the aftermath of the incident, Pinkett Smith also requested a “nursing season”.

Smith’s behavior was heavily criticized by his Hollywood contemporaries, including Oscar host Wanda Sykes. Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the actor and comedian said he was “still traumatized” and disappointed with the way the show handled the “sad” incident.

He also praised Rock’s response after the discussion and revealed that he came to her to apologize for the incident because he knew it would overshadow his efforts with Amy Somer and Regina Hall. “I felt really bad for my friend Chris. He was sad, very sad. I felt physically sick and still feel a little traumatized by it,” he said.

“And so that he could stay in this room and enjoy the rest of the show and get his award, I said, ‘How rude is that? It’s just the wrong message. You are attacking someone, just leave the building. But to continue, I thought it was rude. “

Oscar nominee Will Packer called the controversy a “very painful time for me”.

But while others went further, comedian Jim Carrey called the Oscar audience “retarded” because he praised Smith’s win after his behavior.

Source: Belfastlive


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