Ecuador elects Daniel Noboa as president and Correismo suffers another electoral defeat


At the age of 35, the son of banana magnate Álvaro Noboa has become the youngest elected president in the Latin American country’s history, defeating Correísta candidate Luisa González, who sought to be the first woman to win the presidential election .

Ecuador elected the young businessman this Sunday Daniel Noboa as new president in extraordinary elections, in which he inflicted another electoral defeat on Correism in the second round, as already happened in 2021, when the movement of former president Rafael Correa (2007-2017) also failed to return to power.

Noboa, heir to one of the country’s richest families, has become the youngest elected president in the country’s history at the age of 35, defeating Correista candidate Luisa González, who aspired to be the first woman to would win the presidential election. Ecuador.

The son of banana magnate Álvaro Noboa achieved in his first attempt what his father had opposed five times when he tried to reach the presidency, and he did so in a surprising way, since at the beginning of the electoral process he did not start between elections . the favorites, but he caused the surprise by advancing to the second round.

While González was the candidate with the most votes in the first round he remained in this second round with 33.61% of the votes less than 48%.

For his part, Noboa came second in the first round with 23.46% of the vote, but reached more than 52% in this second round, supported by right-wing and anti-Correísta groups, including left-wing groups as part of the indigenous movement.

With a difference of about four percentage points, González has accepted the defeat and unequivocally congratulated Noboa on the victory, immediately following it in a short speech to point out that “hope starts working from tomorrow”.

The young businessman and former councilor received the results a private party at his beachside home in Olón, a beach town in the coastal province of Santa Elena where he had gone in the morning to vote, while his followers celebrated in the streets and at convention centers in the cities of Guayaquil and Quito.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USA congratulated Noboa. “The United States applauds the Ecuadorian people for exercising their right to vote and reaffirming their commitment to democracy. We look forward to working with President-elect, Daniel Noboa, and the people of Ecuador to build a more secure, prosperous, and just hemisphere. “, he said. State spokesman Matthew Miller said in a statement.

Source: EITB


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