Filtering necessary? – Price hammer: 5.90 euros for Tyrolean tap water


The wave of inflation continues to rage in all possible areas – including the hospitality industry! The Tyrolean Chamber of Labor (AK) conducted a study and found out what you now have to pay for soft drinks, beer, etc. Particularly egregious: for one liter of (filtered) tap water you have to pay up to 5.90 euros. Experts wonder: “Is filtering Tyrolean water really necessary?”

Year after year, the AK collects drink prices in 38 selected Tyrolean inns in all nine districts. One thing in advance: compared to September 2022, the average prices of regular drinks have increased by as much as 9.93 percent. It is also striking that more and more cafes are also charging their customers for tap water.

Small bottle of iced tea for 4.30 euros
For soda you have to dig deep into your pocket. “A large glass of Coke (0.5l) costs between 3.90 euros and an incredible 5.60 euros, with an average price of 4.67 euros and a price increase of 3.66 percent compared to 2022,” calculates the AK. A bottle of iced tea (0.33l) costs between 2.80 and 4.30 euros. The average price here is 3.55 euros, which has increased by 6.86 percent compared to the previous year.

For a bottle of mineral water (0.33l) you have to pay between 2.60 and 4.50 euros. Price increase for this drink: 6.42 percent.

Trend towards paid tap water
The time when serving tap water was seen as a free service for customers seems to be over. “The number of cafes where tap water is supplied has increased dramatically compared to the previous year. While in 2022 tap water was only priced and invoiced in nine cafés, in September 2023 16 of the 38 participating catering establishments indicated that they charged tap water,” the AK said.

And how much do you charge for tap water? Usually between one and three euros for a liter. “The local tap water is filtered in three inns. Whether this is necessary given the excellent Tyrolean water quality remains to be seen,” the experts emphasize. According to AK, the price for a liter of filtered tap water is a whopping 5.90 euros!

A large beer for 5.80 euros
Also with alcoholic drinks
There have been significant price increases: a small draft beer (0.3l) costs between 3.10 and 4.50 euros, with an average price increase of 7.35 percent. At the ‘whistle’.“(0.2l) the range was between 2.50 and 3.50 euros (plus 4.55 percent). The large beer (0.5l) costs on average 7.66 percent more, namely between 3.90 and 5.80 euros.

A quart of white and sweet costs 6.36 percent more than the year before, the price for a quart of white and sour rose by 7.03 percent.

Source: Krone


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