Gold Prize in Upper Austria – The most expensive frozen pizza in the world is available here


Nightclub owner Fabian Dutzler now offers his guests in Kremsmünster decadent treats for the taste buds. Because there is a pizza from the freezer in his establishment. However, it comes with a more than proud, almost devilish price. And there is a reason for this that is several hundred euros strong.

What is currently probably the most expensive pizza in the world, the ’24k’, is served in the restaurant ‘Industry Kitchen’ near Wall Street in New York. It is topped with fine English Stilton blue cheese, French foie gras foie gras, Osietra caviar from the Caspian Sea and truffles and gold leaf with a gold content of 24 carats. Cost for the decadent snack: just $2,000.

Source: Krone


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