“Will never give up” – cable car accident: Eitan’s grandparents fight for Bub


A year after the cable car accident on Lake Maggiore, in which six-year-old boy Eitan was the only survivor, his grandparents are still fighting to bring him back to his homeland of Israel. “Eitan is in our hearts and minds. We will continue to fight for him so that he can grow up in Israel, his natural homeland, the homeland of his family, the burial place of his parents and his little brother.”

After a long legal battle, the child lives with his paternal aunt in the northern Italian city of Pavia. “Although we were sentenced to be far from Eitan, we have never given up and will never give up fighting for his return to Israel. We hope that the court in Milan and those handling Eitan’s cases will do their best and terrible wrongs done to him and us,” said the maternal grandparents.

Boy “abducted” by grandmother to Israel
Since the cable car accident a year ago, a custody dispute has been raging with relatives in Israel over the child. The dispute culminated in the maternal grandfather collecting the boy on September 11 for an arranged visit, but then flying him via Switzerland to Israel with the help of an accomplice.

There were several lawsuits in Israel before the Supreme Court in Jerusalem ruled in November that the boy should be returned to Italy to his paternal aunt. In Italy, the custody battle continued before the juvenile court, which appointed a third person as guardian of Eitan.

Eitan’s grandfather is being pursued in Israel along with an alleged accomplice under an international arrest warrant issued by the Pavia judiciary for the kidnapping of little Eitan. Both Eitan’s parents, his younger brother and the boy’s two great-grandparents were killed in the funicular accident.

Source: Krone


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