Hospital situation in Gaza Palestine on November 19, 2023


A joint UN team led by the WHO entered Al Shifa Hospital on Saturday. The WHO has described the hospital as a “cemetery” and the situation in northern Gaza as “desperate.”

The situation in the Gaza Strip’s hospitals is becoming more untenable by the second, and, as confirmed this Sunday by the Gaza Ministry of Health, there are no longer any functioning hospitals in all of Gaza City (north of the strip). Only two small clinics are still operational in the entire city.

Just this Saturday, a joint UN team led by WHO He went to the hospital on Saturday Al Shifa. The WHO has defined the hospital as a “cemetery” and the situation in northern Gaza as ‘desperate’.

The United Nations organization, which spent only one hour in the hospital complex for security reasons, issued a statement denouncing the “obvious signs of bombing and shooting” and the existence of a mass grave in which “they were told that there were more than 80 people.” bury people.”

Although “it has been impossible for (UN) personnel to carry out effective waste management in the hospital,” they have found that “the corridors and grounds of the hospital are filled with medical and solid waste, increasing the risk of infection” .

Similarly, the WHO has assured that “the patients and health staff they have spoken to are terrified for their safety and health and have requested evacuation.”

“Al Shifa Hospital can no longer accept patients, and the injured and sick are now being referred to the severely overwhelmed and barely functioning Indonesian hospital,” the organization added.

This was reported by the Gaza Ministry of Health 30 premature babies in Al Shifa Hospital from Gaza City They will be taken to Egypt to receive adequate medical care there. Babies travel without their parents or relatives.

Source: EITB


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