Iranian shot – trial: shot through the chest in a printing house in Vienna


What happened on May 7 in a small printing shop in Simmering? Following disputes over a money transfer to Iran, a shooting took place that left a 38-year-old dead. The 35-year-old owner of a printing company must answer for murder in a jury trial in Landl.

“He is a hard-working, small business owner. Not an aggressive person,” said lawyer Astrid Wagner at the start of the trial. And talks about her 35-year-old client. The Iranian public prosecutor is accused of murder by the Vienna Public Prosecution Service. Yusof A. is said to have shot a 38-year-old fellow countryman living in Carinthia in May in his printing shop on Simmeringer Hauptstrasse.

7000 euros embezzled?
But how did the pectoral ball come about? “The two men had made a deal in Vienna.” The suspect accepted an amount of 33,000 euros from the Carinthian, which, according to the Public Prosecution Service, was intended for the victim’s brother in Iran. They met in the small printing shop to hand over the money. The suspect then allegedly embezzled 7,000 euros. “He had more and more financial problems and started playing online,” the prosecutor sees money problems as a motive.

Defense: Shot fired during battle
Defense lawyers Astrid Wagner and Michael Dohr contradict this. They present the incident differently: the later victim pulled out the gun in the context of a money transaction and a shot was fired in the ensuing struggle. “According to the report, the victim has almost as many smoke marks as the perpetrator,” says Dohr. During his interrogation, the suspect also outlined a complicated financial transaction related to an attempt to sell his property in Iran. Sanctions restrict money flows to Iran.

The jury trial, presided over by Judge Christina Salzborn, will last two days.

Source: Krone


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