“My last shirt” – a walking faction member exposed himself in the House of Representatives


During the current National Council meeting on Tuesday, a Change Party member demonstratively threw his “last shirt” at the government. With the words “You lifted my last shirt – as a minimum pensioner I never lifted again after a visit to the supermarket”, the man bared his upper body and threw the “rowing body” from the spectator stand.

The man wanted to draw attention to the emergency situation “in which almost 200,000 minimum pensioners in Austria are currently experiencing,” the party announced on Tuesday. In his speech, Thomas S. criticized the turquoise green government, “which promotes the interests of the rich and big corporations, while the majority of people in Austria are left alone with the fatal consequences of inflation,” the report continued.

“I only made empty promises”
Further details about the identity of the angry Walking member are not known, but he clearly expressed his anger. “The coalition agreement states that they will halve poverty, but they have actually increased it! “So you just made empty promises to us,” Thomas S raged.

“Inflation is nothing more than a huge redistribution from bottom to top. Companies have increased their profit margins and the people have to pay them because their government has retreated to the spectator bench. “That is the system we live in today,” says Walking chairman Fayad Mulla about the protest.

Glue action on the Sobotka wing
For the pensioner himself, it was not the first protest action in parliament: in the spring he caused a commotion (we reported) and the end of the golden wing in parliament with a sticking action on Wolfgang Sobotka’s piano.

Source: Krone


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