Skating with Bidens – The White House has its own ice rink


Skating with Bidens – The White House has its own ice rink

The White House can currently boast a new achievement: its own ice rink. Naturally, this had to be “inaugurated” in a splendid manner. However, the First Lady only dared to step onto the slippery surface wearing regular winter boots.

There is a special attraction at the White House during the Christmas season: an ice skating rink. First Lady Jill Biden introduced her on Wednesday evening (local time) in the garden of the US government headquarters in Washington. The 72-year-old talked about how she loved skating as a child.

US President Joe Biden’s wife accompanied former US Olympic figure skating champion Brian Boitano to the performance – but only in normal shoes.

Children are invited
The opening featured several performances by professional figure skaters on the White House ice rink. In the coming weeks, selected children will be able to skate there, but not the general public, the broadcaster CBS reports. For example, children from the capital and children of soldiers and rescue workers would be invited.

Jill Biden presented the Christmas decorations at the White House on Monday and said she wanted people to experience Christmas through the eyes of children.

Now the First Lady said, “What could be more magical, wonderful and joyful than standing on an ice rink on the South Lawn of the White House?”

It is not the first time that ice skating has taken place in the garden of the White House: in 1980, the then US presidential couple Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter had an ice rink built at the government headquarters for Christmas – and also invited an Olympic event. figure skating champion Peggy Fleming to the opening.

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