“Satan von Griffen” – The Deathmaker: How Franz P. Destroyed 9 Lives


To this day, Carinthians still talk about the crimes of Franz P. The man murdered three women and six children within a few weeks. His life, his actions – contemporary witnesses now report on the “Satan von Griffen”, who will go down in Austrian criminal history as one of the worst serial killers.

Valentin Hauser is a tall man with good-natured blue eyes and a finely chiseled face. The 74-year-old, who was born in Griffen and has remained there to this day, has an interest in art and culture; In addition to his job as a municipal employee, he was the leader of a local music group for a long time. He has now composed sixty pieces, he says, and has also written six books.

One of them – ‘The Bloody Deeds of Franz P.’ – is about probably the worst serial killer in Austrian criminal history.

Source: Krone


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