Velvet silencer – Vienna: Submachine gun was loaded on the bench


During a search of an apartment in Hernals, the Viennese police made a terrifying discovery. A 45-year-old, known for drug and violent crimes, had a Skorpion 61 ready to use and loaded with 20 bullets on the bench. His reasoning for this is surprising.

A confidant gave the Viennese police a tip about a suspected drug dealer. But when the officers in Vienna’s 17th district searched the defendant’s apartment, they were amazed! Because they not only found 49.2 grams of cocaine and approximately one kilo of cannabis, but also two weapons.

A gas pistol was also seized
An unauthorized Skorpion 61 submachine gun was lying ready on the sofa bed. But that’s not all: the submachine gun, classified as war material, was loaded with twenty rounds of ammunition and ready to use. A total of 33 rounds of ammunition were found for the weapon, which had a silencer fitted. There was also a two-shot gas pistol on the bench.

Almost all seats in Hall 34 of the Vienna Regional Court were occupied by his family on Tuesday. During the trial, the 45-year-old Turk, who has lived in Austria for thirty years, claimed: “I’m sorry, I am being threatened by the Turkish secret service and the gray wolves because I criticized the Turkish president. “

“Client received the weapons by chance”
A day after his arrest, his house was actually broken into. Lawyer Sascha Flatz confirms: “He received the firearms accidentally and kept them for self-protection.”

The Iranian who gave it to him has returned to his homeland. The judge shows little understanding for all this. He sentenced the man to two years’ unconditional imprisonment and also revoked a conditional discharge.

Source: Krone


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