Mother loses son – Fentanyl addiction: “Children are dying like flies”


Fentanyl was Martin’s death sentence. At the age of only 23, the Tyrolean died from the effects of the painkiller, which has a stronger effect than heroin. He was prescribed the drug by irresponsible GPs thanks to fake pain. His mother was silent for a long time, but now she accuses the “Crowns”.

‘I’m not interested in revenge. I don’t need a defendant, I need answers. I want to wake up parents and doctors.” Two and a half years ago, on June 24, 2021, Christine Exenberger from Kufstein lost her son Martin Haselsberger to the painkiller fentanyl. At just 23 years old, he died of an overdose of the devil’s stuff that is now sweeping across Europe after the US. He did not have to get the drug, which is fifty times stronger than heroin, on the black market. It was legally prescribed to him by careless and irresponsible general practitioners in the Kufstein region.

Source: Krone


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