Animals howl in pain – electric shocks are supposed to make dogs “sharp”.


The ÖKV (dog umbrella organization) is strongly committed to the controversial protection training for dogs. Dogs are attuned to people. Apparently this is fun for the animals. But a recently published video proves otherwise! Insiders checked the recordings and confirmed the use of a prohibited electric shock to the animal’s neck.

In the video, the dog howls heartbreakingly, and when the sequence plays in slow motion it becomes clear why: There is a banned electric shock collar under a cover around its neck. A remote control can also be seen in the man’s hand.

Since the release of the video, which shocked many people due to its brutal scenes, there have been claims on social media that the video sequences are three or more years old and that the perpetrators have long been convicted. But the opposite is the case.

The Graz Public Prosecutor confirmed to the “Krone” that this is an ongoing case. “The incident happened in June last year and the first report was made to us in April this year,” said public prosecutor Hansjörg Bacher from Graz.

Procedure is open
The case is currently under investigation. The court is also aware that the prohibited tool was used – this is now being investigated by a veterinary expert. “Further steps will only be taken after the investigation has been completed; nothing can yet be said about the extent of a possible punishment,” said Bacher in an interview with the “Krone”.

Animal rights activists were furious
“I did not expect that such brutal animal abuse, as you see in the video, would be bigger and possibly possible on an ÖKV site,” says Jürgen Stadler from Pfotenhilfe in bewilderment.

The recordings were leaked to the spokesperson of the animal protection organization: “There is a reason why electric shock collars are strictly prohibited in Austria. The way the dog howls in the video brings tears to your eyes and I think anyone can imagine how painful it is, especially in the neck!”

Ban inevitable
It is also unbelievable that the ÖKV and the supporters of the Schutzhund sport try to deny and whitewash everything. This case is a new indication that the ban on bite and attack training for private individuals demanded by Minister Rauch must finally come into force.

Source: Krone


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