Big hit missed – climate summit: agreement on ‘transition’ and ‘leaving’


At the climate summit in Dubai, agreement was reached on a final text on Wednesday morning after several additional rounds. This calls for a “transition away from fossil fuels”. Many countries had previously called for a global phase-out of coal, gas and oil. Oil states such as Saudi Arabia in particular resisted this – ultimately with success.

After long negotiations, the text was presented and voted on Wednesday morning. It calls for a “transition away from fossil fuels in energy systems in a just, orderly and fair manner.” The previous version only provided for a “reduction” in the extraction and use of fossils. It also said greenhouse gas neutrality should be achieved “by, before or around 2050.”

Climate neutrality must be achieved worldwide by 2050. This must be achieved, among other things, through accelerated climate measures and ‘transitional energies’ such as natural gas as a less harmful source compared to crude oil. The text is the final document for the so-called global inventory, which checks every five years to what extent states are implementing their climate objectives.

Rejection for first draft
The first draft was presented Monday and was rejected by about 130 states. These included the EU countries, the US and Brazil. At the UN climate conferences, decisions must be made by consensus, but no formal vote takes place.

“Bitterly necessary improvement” calls for the first time to abandon fossil fuels
According to Stephen Cornelius of the environmental organization WWF, the new decision is a “much-needed improvement” compared to the previous text. At the same time, he pointed out that the requirements were not sufficient. “For a planet worth living in, we need a complete phase-out of all fossil fuels.”

After all, the world community is calling for the first time to move away from fossil fuels. The summit in Dubai was actually supposed to end on Tuesday, but – as has often been the case in the past – was extended.

Source: Krone


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