Driver on the run – Not even gunfire could stop unscrupulous traffickers


Spectacular scenes took place in the Styrian district of Leibnitz on Wednesday evening: about 40 police officers from different units gathered to take illegal traders out of circulation. An unscrupulous driver fled with eight refugees in his car; not even gunfire could stop him.

Our director has recently noticed an increased activity of smugglers in the Styrian-Slovenian border area. In general, as Markus Lamb, press spokesperson for the LPD Styria, reports, “a route shift towards Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia and further towards Italy can be observed”. However, Austria is avoided by smugglers because of its intensive border controls.

Daring driving maneuvers
During the priority inspection on Tuesday, around 7:30 p.m., a silver car with a Slovenian license plate ignored police stop signs at the Sulztal border crossing, accelerated and sped away. At the same time, the officers noticed another towing vehicle driving much too quickly along Grenzland-Weinstrasse towards Gamlitz. How unscrupulous the criminals are was demonstrated once again when the driver riskily drove around a roadblock. To stop him, a police officer fired at his car, but was unsuccessful.

However, the driver underestimated the slippery road surface. He came off and the car crashed. The driver fled, simply leaving the eight Syrian citizens in his car. They were unharmed and applied for asylum. The driver is being sought.

Source: Krone


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