Police take stock – New Year’s Eve in Vienna: 198 reports, 1928 operations


As expected, numerous operations took place on New Year’s Eve. The Vienna State Control Center received 4,655 emergency calls, resulting in almost 1,928 missions for the police.

As expected, there were also numerous police operations on New Year’s Eve yesterday. This includes noise pollution, material damage and the illegal ignition of pyrotechnic objects.

Across Vienna, there were 198 reports and 10 executive mandates under the Pyrotechnics Act. In total, approximately 3,669 pyrotechnic items were seized.

Fingertip cut off
During the New Year’s Eve celebration, a 13-year-old boy, who had reportedly been on the street in the 17th district with his family, was injured by a rocket. This resulted in the cutting of a fingertip and burns to the hands. The boy received emergency medical care from the Vienna Professional Rescue Service and was taken to hospital. A report has been drawn up against an unknown perpetrator at the Vienna Public Prosecution Service.

The man hit his partner
A case of serious bodily harm led to the arrest of a drunken 51-year-old in Vienna-Josefstadt on Monday shortly after New Year’s Eve. He allegedly hit his 46-year-old partner in the face with his fist in a bar at around 1:30 am and gave the victim more blows to the back of the head as he left the location.

The suspect was temporarily arrested and remains in executive custody, according to the Vienna State Police Directorate. An entry and approach ban and a temporary weapons ban were issued against him; the breath test showed a value of 2.02 per mille. The injured woman was taken to a hospital by Vienna’s professional rescue service.

Source: Krone


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