Plus 111 percent: the wettest December in 100 years


December 2023 brought 111 percent more precipitation across Austria than the December average. Records were even recorded at individual weather stations.

“Over the entire area of ​​Austria, it was the wettest December since 1918 and the second wettest December since the start of the measurement series in 1851,” said climatologist Hans Ressl of Geosphere Austria on Tuesday.

In Seckau (Styria, measurements started in 1891), December 2023 brought a new high of 139 millimeters of precipitation. The previous record for December was 122 millimeters in 1995.

Lots of snow at the beginning of the month
The cold, wet weather at the beginning of the month resulted in above-average snowfall. For example, at the Viennese weather station Hohe Warte there was a total of 27 centimeters of new snow – that is the sum of the daily amount of new snow -, no less than 250 percent more than the average for the climate period 1991 to 2020. In many valleys, December brought 2023 ten to fifty percent more snow than normal.

15 to 19 degrees around the Christmas holidays
By Christmas, the mild weather almost caused the snow to disappear in the lower parts of Austria. After the cold start, the temperature rose to a level well above average.

The peak was reached around the Christmas holidays with maximum temperatures between 15 and 19 degrees from December 23 to 29 (on December 26 in Kroisegg in Burgenland). HERE you will find the current weather forecast.

Source: Krone


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