7 tons of oil in flames – brave driver drives burning truck to fire brigade


A truck driver in China’s Jiangxi province showed real nerves. When his truck, loaded with seven tons of oil, started burning, he had the presence of mind to drive it to the nearest fire station.

Video footage that has only now been released shows how the burning truck drove past startled drivers around 11:40 am on December 25. The entire rear section was already completely on fire and this threatened to spread to the driver’s cabin.

Nevertheless, instead of quickly abandoning the vehicle and running for his life, the courageous truck driver decided to call a fire station and tell them that he would drive his burning truck there.

Rushed to the fire brigade at the risk of his own life
Risking his life, he ran into the courtyard of a fire station, where firefighters had already laid hoses and were able to extinguish the fire within nine minutes.

“I saw smoke behind me and an electric bicycle handlebar told me my vehicle was on fire. So I quickly called the fire brigade and drove there,” said the brave truck driver.

Source: Krone


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