Video shows attacks – Hezbollah rockets: Israel responds with air strikes


Hezbollah fired again at Israel on Thursday, ahead of the funeral in Lebanon of Hamas’s second-highest leader, Saleh al-Arouri, who was reportedly killed by Israel. The Israeli army released video footage on Thursday showing military strikes against Hezbollah and a “terrorist anti-tank missile cell.”

The Shia militia, which, like the Palestinian terrorist militia Hamas, is an ally of Iran, said it shot at Israeli units near the village of Shtula and scored ‘direct hits’. However, Israel has not provided any information about possible casualties.

Fighter jets destroy Hezbollah observation posts
The Israeli army said it returned fire from Lebanon. A fighter plane shot at a Hezbollah observation post near the town of Marun al-Ras. It was also said that a Hezbollah unit equipped with anti-tank weapons came under fire (see video above).

The killing of Al-Arouri on Tuesday in the Lebanese capital Beirut gave new impetus to fears that the Gaza war could also spread to Lebanon. Since the start of the Gaza war following the October 7 massacre by Hamas terrorists and other extremists in Israel, there have been almost daily clashes between the Israeli army and Hezbollah in the border area.

Hezbollah says about 150 of its fighters have been killed in Lebanon so far. The Lebanese Civil Defense counted at least twelve dead civilians, other sources said fourteen people. In Israel, six soldiers and two civilians were killed by shelling from Lebanon.

Thousands at the funeral of Hamas leader
Thousands of people attended Saleh al-Aruri’s funeral in the Lebanese capital Beirut on Thursday. Under tight security, the coffin of the second-highest Mamas leader abroad was taken to a cemetery in the Palestinian Shatila camp in the south of the city. The participants chanted “Freedom for Palestine” and “Death to America and Israel.”

The deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, Al-Aruri, was assassinated in Beirut on Tuesday evening. Hamas and Hezbollah blame Israel. The Israeli military has so far refused to comment on reports of a targeted killing. A total of seven Hamas members and allies were killed in the attack.

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