Report filed – On video: Hunters brutally beat dogs


Once again, images of a passionate hunt are shocking and leave not only dog ​​lovers breathless. Particularly shocking: one of the hunting participants hits his dog in the face several times with a thin switch. Isolated case or agenda?

Halali was announced again last fall, but this outing is making headlines. Activists from the “VGT” (Association against Animal Factories) filmed the critical scenes and posted them online at the end of the year.

The video went viral and does not put the dog handlers involved in a good light. For animal protection activist Georg Prinz (VGT) it is clear: “The brutal treatment of the dogs in this video shows: For these hunters, dogs are just tools that are beaten if they do not ‘work’ as they should, and no family members.”

There are now also voices within the hunting community who denounce the methods shown and clearly distance themselves from them. For example, the German ‘hunting dog professional’ Dennis Panthen published an extensive analysis on his YouTube channel.

An escalation of violence
For him, what is shown does not reflect what responsible handling of hunting dogs should stand for. On the contrary: he speaks of an escalation of violence that should not take place in this way and shows the incompetence of the dog handlers involved.

Human error
Panthen speaks of pure anger that is taken out on the dogs. “The dog can’t help it; he was clearly not prepared for this situation,” the expert said.

However, there is radio silence among the local hunting clubs. But wouldn’t the images shown be sufficient reason to clearly distance oneself from these practices?

For discoverer Georg Prinz it is clear: “That is why we need a national hunting law, based on ecology and animal protection, instead of hobby hunting for abandoned animals. Please support the referendum for a federal hunting law so that this animal suffering can finally stop.”

Source: Krone


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