The Big Interview – What really went on there, Mrs. Hirschbrich?


The Big Interview – What really went on there, Mrs. Hirschbrich?

The youth care agency takes the triplets from a famous Viennese lawyer. Is she hiding something? Liane Hirschbrich (50) talks to Conny Bischofberger about motherly feelings, arbitrariness of the authorities and her own part in the drama.

Her Porsche Cayenne is parked in front of the apartment building behind the Raimund Theater, but upstairs, on the second floor, it looks modest and cozy. Colorful Mickey Mouse and dinosaur balloons dangle from the ceiling, beneath which the triplets lie peacefully in their beds, each with a crocheted, colorful octopus. “These are lucky dolls,” Liane Hirschbrich explains and apologizes for the crowds. There are ten people in the apartment with the “Krone” team. The babysitter, a family friend, the triplets’ older brother and the mother. “There is another apartment opposite where the babysitter sleeps. I also work there and my son can study there during the day.” Do we feel like the little ones are missing something here? It’s a rhetorical question. This concerns youth care, which took her triplets from the star lawyer three days before Christmas.

Crown“: Mrs Hirschbrich, all of Austria is wondering how this could happen. First the Youth Care Office takes the children away from you, then they are placed separately in foster families, then back to the general hospital and finally back with their mother. How do you explain this drama?

Liane Hirschbrich sits opposite me at a table with an image of the Mother of God on it. Above that, in the corner, hangs a large, framed color photo of her 11-year-old son playing on his cell phone. After a few seconds it breaks out of her.

Source: Krone


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