Heart for the Crown – Mary and Frederik: The New Royals of Denmark


Mary (51) and Frederik (55) will be enthroned on Sunday as the new royal couple in Denmark. What’s behind the surprising change of throne? And will the rumors of cheating now disappear?

It is a historic moment, albeit without pomp and show and boasting: on Sunday at 3 p.m. sharp from the balcony of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen, it was announced quite calmly that Denmark has a new king: Frederik, 55, will take over the throne, his own mother, Margrethe II, 83, for exactly 52 years. Daughter-in-law Mary, 51, mutates into queen.

An inauguration, although dark shadows already hang over it. In fact, as the 6-foot-2-inch old monarch had repeatedly announced, she never wanted to abdicate the throne, but instead wanted to remain queen until she “fell off the perch.” But things turned out differently.

Source: Krone


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