Democratic Progressive Party candidate William Lai wins Taiwan elections


Lai emphasized that “Taiwan will continue to side with democracy and not authoritarianism” and “it will continue to work with its democratic allies.” China assures that “the basic fact that Taiwan is part of China will not change.” The EU celebrates the result.

The candidate of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (PPD), William Lai, won last Saturday’s presidential elections in Taiwan. With almost 100% of the tables counted, the PDP candidate was the winner with 40% of the votes, edging out the opposition candidates of the Kuomintang, Hou Yu-ih (33.49%), and the Taiwan People’s Party, Ko Wen -widened. you (26.45%).

Lai has emphasized that these results represent a success due to “resistance to foreign influence”, referring to China’s push for a like-minded candidate’s victory. They also assume that “Taiwan will continue to stand on the side of democracy and not on the side of authoritarianism,” “that it will continue to work with its democratic allies,” and that the country is “on the right track.” path will continue, without going backwards.”

Lai’s victory portends a deterioration in relations with China, whose government has expressed complete indifference to Taiwan’s electoral process and its outcome by ensuring that “the fundamental fact that Taiwan is part of China will not change.” Without naming Beijing, the EU warned in a statement that it will oppose “any unilateral attempt to change the status quo” in Taiwan, and has already emphasized the “shared commitment to democracy, the rule of law and human rights” that unites the community bloc with the island, which is a rebellious province in the eyes of China.

Source: EITB


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