Mega poison cocktail – Viennese saved from 100 tons of contaminated rice!


Nearly 100 tons of rice have now been withdrawn from circulation in the port of Vienna. Although the Indian ‘laboratory report’ confirmed the impeccable quality, the Vienna Market Office became suspicious – and rightly so.

Even the experienced employees of the Vienna Market Office don’t see something like this every day. About 100 tons of contaminated rice were discovered at a wholesaler in the port of Vienna. The cargo came from India. The Indian manufacturer’s paperwork and laboratory findings confirmed that the goods were of perfect quality.

Fortunately, the market agency is not so easily fooled and has carried out a chemical analysis itself.

Individual substances are already banned
The result surprised even the experts in a negative way. The goods were heavily contaminated. “Significant amounts of pesticide residues have been found. Some of these substances are already banned in Europe. But in this case it is a real poison cocktail,” said an expert. The market office has now filed a complaint – there is a threat of a hefty fine.

Goods are collected
The good news: the Viennese population thus escaped a significant health risk. About a million people would have had at least one meal. The bad news: the goods are not destroyed and can still be sold in other parts of the world – without such high food standards…

Source: Krone


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